"More than 25 years providing good homes to good families."

About Us

We have been providing rental apartments and homes that are well maintained and safe for more then 25 years. Our dedicated staff can help you in the process of finding your new home that will be handed to you in excellent condition.

Company History

  • Sunview Properties has been providing good homes to good families for more then 25 years. In the 90's we acquired more then 25 unit complexes mostly in the city heights area. Many of these complexes were destroyed, or in horrible conditions. They did not provide favorable living conditions for the families that lived there. They also did NOT contribute to the well being of the neighborhood.

  • After years of hardwork in reconstructing, remodeling and changing the overall environment of these complexes, Sunview Properites has had a significant impact in the improvement of the community. Families now have safe, clean and quiet homes to live in.